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Fall 2021

World Cultures

World Cultures is a class where they will explore different cultures, their traditions and foods. 


Traditional speech class for the introduction and honing of public speaking skills.

Speaker in front of a Crowd
Sports Practice

Nutrition & Phisycial Education

This is a detailed class about the food guide pyramid, fueling the body and our health. It will lead into an anatomy/PE class the last 6 weeks. We will learn the muscles and then put them in motion. 

Artist Sketching

I Draw

Students will learn drawing techniques and do art projects as well as build small architectural structures with random items.


Students will learn about each planet in detail and about some of the constellations. We would also like to pion a trip to the observatory within this semester or plan a night where we can use a telescope for the kids to locate planets and stars possibly find shooting stars! 

The last six weeks the kids will study and observe the Science Weekly brochures and this class may possibly have homework.

Science Class

Infants - PreK

Homeschooling is a family affair. We provide a large variety of opportunity for the whole family to learn and be enriched. We offer class settings for toddlers as well as children who are not yet "school age."

Kids Playing with Lego
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